Low carb traditional German bakery Ebook

Our new low carb german bakery Ebook is on the market…:)

We started low carb three years ago, because we do not want to have some of the civilization illness like diabetes, cancer or cardiac infarction.
We do neither eat rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, cake, cookies nor sugar.

What I was missing most was my bakery. I love baking at the weekend, it has such a wonderful meditation effect and creates my balance between business and family.
Especially baking with low carb is a major challenge.
Cake without flour? We are often asked by friends: „How should this work?“.
It works fine, and if you also want to start with low carb and do not want to abstain from your cakes and cookies, try (out) our recipes!

We improve our baking recipes since 3 years now and have gained a lot of experience with carbohydrate-reduced baking. All those of you who love to bake and want to be still not fat, are invited to try out our recipes.